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So you think that trilobite is rare?

I frequently collect the Massie (formerly Osgood) Shale of Southeast Indiana, usually in pursuit of the rare Spathacalymene nasuta (“snout-nosed”) trilobite. The search is made all the more difficult since the locality, a commercial quarry, has not exposed any new productive shale in several years. So I find myself picking through the same old rocks

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A Protocetid Whale from South Carolina

This is a quick post about a fossil hunting trip I made to the Martin Marietta Berkeley County Quarry (now closed) in South Carolina back in 1994.  This quarry was one of the biggest sources for mined limestone in the S.C. Low country and, oh by the way, the very best example of Middle to

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What’s my genus?

No, this isn’t a question on a TV game show.   The beast I refer to falls into the category of echinoderms. And for this recently found Silurian cystoid specimen, I’m hoping someone can provide an answer to What’s my genus?   On yet another one of my many trips to the Silurian Massie (formerly

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Silurian Massie Shale — Again?

Yup.   Admittedly, I do focus a lot of my blogs on a Silurian Massie Shale locality in Southeast Indiana. That’s because I collect there a lot. Many other collectors have visited the site a few times, but by far I am the most frequent repeat scavenger. In part, the lack of other frequent visitors

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