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Mississippian starfish

A couple decades ago, the historic Lowell Laudon collection appeared on the fossil market.  Lowell Laudon was a geologist who taught for 45 years at universities in Kansas and Wisconsin in the 1900s.  He also was an avid field geologist, discovering and publishing on several classic Midwest crinoid sites.  And in the process, he accumulated a mass of

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Walcott-Rust Starfish

The Walcott-Rust quarry (a creek exposure in New York) is a classic Ordovician site.  Much has been written about it and the famous Charles Doolittle Walcott who made major discoveries based on the specimens he collected there in the mid-to-late 1800s.  His work focused on the fossils that the locality has long been famous for:

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I have written about this rare trilobite previously on this blog site and in the Dry Dredgers Bulletin.  Thought I’d share a recently prepped specimen. However, I’ll start with a picture of a heart-breaking find in the field (commercial crushed rock quarry).  See Figure 1.  This specimen had clearly been complete, but it unfortunately did not survive

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Penn Dixie Dig with the Experts 2018

Dating back to ~2003, a small group of Dry Dredgers has volunteered for the inaugural Dig with the Experts and the annual events since then at the Penn Dixie site. This year was no exception.   For those not familiar with the site, the Penn Dixie Fossil Park is located in Hamburg, NY. (Visit www.penndixie.org

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